How to earn your 2022 flying ace Wings

​Welcome to our 2022 Windy City Warbirds & Classics event and Airshow.  This year will be featuring “Aircraft of Aces” from WWII.  If you are a Warbird pilot and want to show your combat aviation flight skills and Aircraft of Aces airplanes we challenge you to bring your historic giant scale planes and earn your Flying Ace Pilot designation and a set of 2022 Flying Ace Wings.  All event qualified RC planes of course can participate.  You can also become an Air Ace pilot in your Cub or other Classic Aircraft.

Each day you fly will receive a Flying Ace “Kill” sticker from Fox Valley Aero Club for your day of flying, maximum 3 stickers.  For every 2 flights you fly and land safely you can earn an additional WCWC “Kill” sticker.  Once you have earned the official five “Kill” stickers you will receive our official WCWC 2022 Flying Ace Wings.

You should be able to leave our event an official Windy City Warbirds & Classics Flying Ace pilot and receive your WCWC Flying Ace Wings to proudly display on your hat or shirt.

Who will be the top Flying Ace after 3 days of flying?

Each pilot will be given a “Mission Tabulation Sheet” to place their WCWC Flying Ace

“Kill” stickers onto.  For each flight mission completed you will receive a flight

verification ticket.  For every 2 tickets you earn you will get  a WCWC Flying Ace “Kill”

sticker that can be added to your mission tabulation  sheet.  These sheets will quickly

show your combat mission total victories or what  level of Flying Ace Pilot you have

earned. Will you be an Ace, Double Ace, or Triple  Ace?  If you become a Triple Ace you

will earn the “Distinguished Flying Cross Medal”  for your "Heroism or extraordinary

achievement while participating in aerial flight” during the 2022 Windy City Warbirds

& Classics Air Show.

There will be a prize for the top WCWC Flying Ace Pilot awarded from the Mission Sheets.

The 2022 Windy City Warbirds and Classics committee looks forward to rewarding many of our pilots with the highly prized “2022 Flying Ace Wings” and perhaps a few with the “Distinguished Flying Cross Medal.”


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